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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Governments look to boost charity financing

 We made it in the budget!

So the government is finally taking social finance seriously.

Check out this globe and mail article to read up on how social finance has made its way into Harper's budget. 

Yes, yes, I know he may not be in office much longer, but its great to see some steps forward.  It looks like some of our Social Finance and Innovation Tour government participants at HRSDC and Public Safety Canada have taken the lead in their organizations as well.

No matter the election results, let's keep the momentum going!

Here's the article:

Federal and provincial governments are signalling that they will make it easier for charities to run businesses and tap into financing normally reserved for corporations, as cash-strapped governments boost their reliance on the private sector.

Ottawa, Ontario and British Columbia have recently indicated they are looking for ways to bolster so-called social financing – essentially, what happens when money is invested to generate both a social and a financial return. click here to read more...

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